10 Principles for Institutional Advocacy Using Social Media

10 Principles for Institutional Advocacy Using Social Media


1 – Be Humble:

2 – Be Generous:

3 – Assume Good Intent: 

4 – Build Relationships:

5 – Criticize Policies, Not People:

6 – Admit Your Own Mistakes:

7 – Model:

8 – Don’t Shout: 

9 – Practice Active Social Media Listening: 

10 – Be Thoughtful:


Chuck Hagel Criticizes ‘Simplistic’ National Security Debate In 2016 Race

Chuck Hagel Criticizes ‘Simplistic’ National Security Debate In 2016 Race


This is one of the best political dialogues that I have heard this year.

5 Things to Think About Before the Rest of Us Vote

The Iowa Caucuses are over and the horse race that we call the presidential election season has begun indeed.   So here are some things we can use to think about before we vote whether we are librarians or not, or whether we are Christians or not.

  1.  What are the candidates experiences?  Has the candidate been a lawyer and employee all their lives?  If they come from the private sector, what experience do they have in government?  What common jobs and labor have they done?  I value government experience.  Someone else will value business experience over government experience.  Still others are most concerned that the candidate has had to wait tables or work in a factory to pay for their bills.  I am not telling you which one is right, but it is something to think about that you will not discover in all the noise of the campaign.
  2. What bills have they proposed and have had passed?  It is not enough to have amazing ideas, a candidate needs to be able to get things done.
  3. What do people who have to say about a candidate for whom they have worked?  Politics is about getting things done.  It is important to know how a candidate is able to work with people.
  4. Who throws the least mud?  I would not want to hire a gossip and a troublemaker, why would I want to vote for a candidate who keeps stirring up hate?
  5. Which candidates have the fewest skeletons in their closet?  In one sense I don’t care what a person does on their private time, but I know that dealing with an employee’s garbage wastes time.  It is true when dealing with a candidate for government office.

This list is transferable, whether you are voting for a presidential candidate or a school board.  Of course, there are other issues to look at in any candidacy, but these are rational issues that can get us behind the noise of the campaign.