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Interview on Ancient Aliens

I recommend most of the nonfiction that my library purchases and coincidentally I was looking at books on UFOs this afternoon.  The ancient aliens theory is a subset of Controversial Knowledge in Dewey.

001.9 Controversial knowledge
         001.94 Mysteries
                  001.942 Unidentified flying objects (UFOs)
                 001.944 Monsters and related phenomena
       001.95 Deceptions and hoaxes
      001.96 Errors, delusions, superstitions
Many of the books on ancient aliens topic tend to be supportive of the topics.  Dr. Heiser mentions a number of good resources opposing the ancient aliens mythology.  That is only one of the reasons the following podcast worthwhile.




Before You Vote, Think!

This was originally posted on January 15th, 2016

Ben Witherington of the Bible and Culture blog has put together an evangelical voter’s guide with which I can agree.

1) if the candidate regularly lies or deliberately exaggerates just to get attention and for rhetorical effect, then he or she should not be supported by anyone who pledges allegiance to Christ who is the Truth, and does not put up with prevaricators.

2) if the candidate is totally inconsistent in his or her life ethic, that person should not be supported. By this I mean they should be totally pro life…opposing not only abortion except in cases where the life of the mother is truly threatened, but also opposing capital punishment except in extreme cases ( e.g serial killers, mass murdering terrorists etc.), and absolutely opposing war as a go to solution to solve our problems. It should be a very last resort, as violence only begets violence. The same life ethic should lead to strong opposition to the proliferation of guns, especially military hard wear capable of being used for rapid killing of many persons.

3) no candidate who whips up xenophobia or plays on people’s fears of foreigners and others who are not like them should be supported. What part of love your neighbor and love your enemy don’t you understand? Christians, in any case, should make decisions not on the basis of anger or fear but on the basis of faith.

4) no candidate should be supported who is the opposite in character of what Christ calls for….namely humble, courteous, kind, gentle, forgiving, even loving, self-sacrificial, not an ego-maniac or blowhard promoting him or herself.

5). No candidate should be supported that ignores or promotes the abuse of the poor, in favor of enhancing the riches of the richest 2% of all Americans. No more tax breaks for the rich, for Agrabusiness, for major companies who hide their assets in off shore banks, for companies that pollute our air, foul our streams, blow up our mountains, and basically destroy the health of their employees.
6) no candidate should be supported who refuses to work with others with whom they disagree in order to work out compromises. Politics is the art of compromise, not my way or the highway approaches. This is what has produced gridlock in Washington.
7) no candidate should be supported who supports a business model that continually ships blue collar jobs overseas just for the sake of more profits for the rich.
This is adapted from this post