15 Pieces of Writing Advice from C.S. Lewis

15 Pieces of Writing Advice from C.S. Lewis


1. Avoid distractions.

2. Read all the good books you can.

3. Always write and read with your ear, not your eye.

4. Write only about what interests you.

5. Work hard at being clear.

6. Don’t throw away writings projects that you put aside.

7. Write, don’t type.

8. Know the meaning of all the words you use. 

9. Avoid ambiguity.

10. Use language to make your meaning clear and make sure it can’t mean anything else.

11. Choose the plain and direct word over the long and vague one.

12. Choose the concrete noun over the abstract one.

13. Make the reader feel what you are describing rather than telling the reader what it is with an adjective.

14. Use words appropriate for the subject.

15. Don’t feel obligated to bring explicitly Christian bits to your writing.

Visit the link above for details on each of these points, as well as reference notes.


10 Principles for Institutional Advocacy Using Social Media

10 Principles for Institutional Advocacy Using Social Media


1 – Be Humble:

2 – Be Generous:

3 – Assume Good Intent: 

4 – Build Relationships:

5 – Criticize Policies, Not People:

6 – Admit Your Own Mistakes:

7 – Model:

8 – Don’t Shout: 

9 – Practice Active Social Media Listening: 

10 – Be Thoughtful:

I hate monkeys

Quote:  “I hate monkeys.”- Dwayne Johnson in The Rundown.

I hate monkeys,

human monkeys.

naked apes,

who bare their arces,

throw feces

make the lives of those,

who choose to be better,

a living hell.

On the road,

in the marketplace,


Who say no one can

make you unhappy.

That’s a choice.

and continue to spew filth,

throughout their lives,

an ours,

Then they wonder why

we want to stay home,

shut away.

choosing hermitage,

over civilization.